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What’s new at Cameron Tool

June 2015:

Cameron Tool is currently removing an old toggle press that has not been in operation and replacing it with a new press for greater press capacity. It is in the process of being disassembled and removed from the building piece by piece.

Pouring concrete to connect buildings

Opening up the two buildings

2014 Building expansion

New tool crib and maintenance area

Crane installment

Cameron Tool recently completed an expansion which added 3,000 sq. feet of operating and die build area including a new machine. (Shown above)

Future Plans

  • Replace press in tryout area; will include building improvements on the west side of building
  • New area being developed for Inspection department
  • Overhead door to be installed on east side to aid in moving equipment in and out of building
  • Increase parking area
  • Paint building and landscape

June 2015:
Meet our new Cameron Tool Mascot: Camme “Sassy” Tool You will see her roaming and napping in the front office.

Company Sponsorship

Congratulations SOPHIE!!!
Sophie takes 1st place at Vestaburg Kart Speedway May 24th!!
Blue Plate Feature Winner – Sophie – #!13!!

Congratulations SOPHIE!!!
Sophie takes 2nd at the Vestaburg Kart Speedway at the Midway Championship on Saturday, July 26, 2014.